Black Star

Community Defense Collective

Creating opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Culture, Two Spirit, Trans, and Queer folks to learn how to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Join the 2022 CARERs For Us Training

Led by REPAtlas Defense, and Black Star Defense

“I love my hood. I’m in love with the movement. That’s what makes me wanna keep people safe.”

CARER stands for Community Aid Resourcing and Emergency Response. In partnership with REP(Relationships Evolving Possibilities), we are providing a learning opportunity for Black, Indigenous, and People of Culture to learn skills for becoming a CARERs.

The work of CARERs is grounded in the awareness that people in our communities have the power, agency, and capacity to protect and care for one another.

If you already respond to community emergencies, or want to learn more about it, join a 12-session training program to gain certified skills in first aid, violence prevention, crisis response, and emergency planning.

$1500 stipend for participation & completion.

This opportunity is for people identifying as: Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latine, Pacific Islander, and Arab, and Mixed / Multiracial

Info Sessions for the 2022 Cohort are finished! If you attended a session you’ll receive an application soon. If you’re interested in future opportunities to become a CARER please reach to the For Us CARER Team out by email at

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